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eDiplomacy at the State Department

The US State Department has become the world’s leading user of ediplomacy. It now employs over 150 full-time personnel working in 25 different ediplomacy nodes at Headquarters. More than 900 people use it at US missions abroad. The Lowy Institute for International Policy published a new analysis on the subject: “Revolution @State: The Spread of Ediplomacy.”
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Food for thought on climate change and global warming

Here is an interesting article on global warming by James Taylor of Forbes. We believe however that the future of planet Earth is all about common sense and not necessarily scientific data. Global warming and climate change are real threats and have repercussions on security, human rights, migration trends, small island nations, biodiversity, and much more. Food for thought!

New diplomatic push for Security Council reform

By the Gstaad Project

“The beginning of the 21st century needs a global governance system that is efficient, inclusive and representative – a governance system that combines, in a coherent manner, legitimacy, leadership and expertise. Time was needed for reflection, but now we have to move to action.” This is how Joseph Deiss, President of the United Nations General Assembly, opened yesterday’s Rome Conference on Global Governance and Security Council Reform, sponsored by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini and the Uniting for Consensus movement.
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UN upgrades EU status: what does it mean for Europe?

by the Gsaad Project

On May 3, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution A/RES/65/276 on the participation of the European Union in the work of the UN, formally upgrading the status of the EU participation at the UN 192-member body.

On a practical point of view, the Resolution — rejected by only 10 countries and abstained by only Syria and Zimbabwe — allows senior EU representatives to present to the Assembly the common positions of the European bloc.
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First State of the European Union address

In his first State of the European Union address before the European Parliament on Tuesday, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso gave a bright economic outlook and said the European Union today is in better shape than one year ago, not in the least as a result of Europe’s determined action. He indicated five major challenges for the Union over the next year: dealing with the economic crisis and governance; restoring growth for jobs by accelerating the Europe 2020 reform agenda; building an area of freedom, justice and security; launching negotiations for a modern EU budget; and pulling our weight on the global stage.
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Heroes of the United Nations - Men and Women Who Made the World a Better Place
A book about great heroes, heroes of the United Nations. Indeed, Dag Hammarskjöld, Angela King, Graça Machel, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helvi Sipilä, Carlo Urbani, Sergio Vieira de Mello, and Nadia Younes have all contributed to make the world a better place. Some of them have lost their life under the UN flag, others are still working to better the lives of the world's poorest.

UN Heroes

Why is Kofi Annan not a woman?
An independent documentary on gender and leadership at the United Nations and the odds of having a woman selected as Secretary-General

Why is Kofi Annan not a woman

United Nations for kids
A cartoon documentary series on the United Nations and its work around the world

United Nations for kids



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